The new FLIR MLS- / MS-Series thermal imaging camera gives every boater the power to see clearly in total darkness. It can be used for many  maritime applications. Whether you are anchored in port or sailing in the open sea, you will be able to see in total darkness.



  • Extremely affordable

    The FLIR MLS- / MS-Series are extremely affordable units. From now on, everyone can afford thermal night vision. Price is no longer an issue. There is no longer a need to use a less effective night vision technology.

  • Crisp thermal images

    The FLIR MLS- / MS-Series are equipped with an uncooled, maintenance free, microbolometer detector. It delivers crisp thermal images in any day or night situation.

    The FLIR MLS-618 produces thermal images of 640 x 480 pixels. Users that do not need this high resolution can choose for the MLS-317 or MS-324b which produce images of 320 x 240 pixels or MS-224b which produces images of 240 x 180 pixels. All cameras are equipped with advanced internal camera software that delivers a crisp image without the need for user adjustments.

  • Extremely portable and rugged

    The FLIR MLS- / MS-Series are extremely compact and extremely light systems. They are ideal for go-anywhere operations, in all circumstances. They are IP67 rated.

  • Easy-to-operate

    Ergonomic and easy-to-use, the MLS- / MS-Series are fully controlled with just 4 buttons on top of the unit. Conveniently placed the buttons are all right underneath your fingertips.

  • LED Tasklight/Laser Pointer

    The FLIR MS-Series comes with a LED tasklight on the front of the unit. It can be used to illuminate a small area

  • Long battery life

    The FLIR MLS- / MS-Series comes with long-life rechargeable Li-Ion batteries. The FLIR MLS- / MS-Series operate 5 to 7 hours on a single load.

  • Good range performance

    The FLIR MLS-618 can detect a small vessel at a distance of no less than 3.25 kilometers away. The MLS-618 also comes with a 4x digital zoom so that you can have a closer look at the situation when necessary.


Different versions available

  MS-224b MS-324b MLS-317 MLS-618
See without being seen
See in total darkness, through smog, smoke and light precipitation
Image quality (pixels) 240 x 180 320 x 240 320 x 240 640 x 480
Freeze Frame No No No
Digital zoom No 2x 2x 4x, continuous
Laser pointer    
Led tasklight    
Focal length 19 mm 19 mm 19 mm 35 mm
Detect man-sized target 320 m 440 m 640 m 1080 m


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