The Danelec ECDIS range is Wheelmark approved by DNV GL and complies with all applicable IMO requirements defined in MSC.232(82), as well as the revised IEC and IHO performance standards mandatory for all new and existing ECDIS installations by August 2017.




Danelec DM700 ECDIS


Featuring the smallest, most compact ECDIS system available on the market, Danelec ECDIS offers the same high quality and reliability already known from the VDR platform, together with an unmatched flexibility for easy installation on all bridges.


Danelec ECDIS product range is built on one technology platform, providing the most compelling ECDIS retrofit solution, through several alternatives to suit every need:

  • Compact, application-specific ECDIS hardware options with essential or enhanced features
  • A range of military-grade low-power LED monitors available in three sizes (19”, 24” and 27”)
  • Multiple keyboard choices with several mounting possibilities
  • Standalone application or console installation options


The current performance standards for ECDIS were laid down by the Maritime Safety Committee of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in resolution MSC.232(82), effective as of January 1, 2009. In the same year IMO approved amendments to SOLAS V (19) making ECDIS mandatory on most ships over 500 GT in accordance with a rolling timetable that began in July 2012.

Danelec ECDIS timeline


ECDIS Application Software

Danelec ECDIS is 100% Linux-based, which is a guarantee for stability and high performance. It requires much less processing power or memory compared to Windows-based systems, leaving more room for chart storage capacity, and it also provides superior resistance to viruses and malware. The intuitive easy-to-learn user interface optimizes operation and reduces training time for watchstanders. The maximum menu depth is three levels, which means all important functions, such as route planning or modification, can be accessed with minimal clicks and drag-and-drop functionality. Future-proof ECDIS solution – software updates can be done by the vessel’s crew without the costly involvement of a service technician on board.


Industry-leading Chart Solutions

The Danelec ECDIS platform runs all commercial Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs), including Admiralty Vector Chart Service (AVCS), in S-57 and S-63 formats, as well as NAVTOR System Electronic Navigational Charts (SENC) data. It also incorporates additional overlay functions, such as Admiralty Information Overlay (AIO), NAVTEX, etc. Updating with a click of a button – with the seamless update service Danelec ECDIS users receive automatic notifications when updates are available. In addition to the chart database, all permits, AIO data and subscribed digital publications are also updated at the same time. The vessel’s chart portfolio can be handled easily via a web-based chart management tool. Users can also take advantage of a “Pay-as-You-Sail” (PAYS) chart-licensing scheme, eliminating the need to order and manage an electronic chart portfolio on board.


Options Available

Danelec ECDIS options