High-detail, picture-perfect bottom viewing of the ledges, channels, drop-offs, and wrecks where fish conceal themselves.

  • New levels of structure and fishfinding clarity
  • Panoramic underwater imaging
  • Picture perfect display detail
  • Left, right and straight down coverage


The Simrad StructureScan® unit is a black box module designed to connect either direct to Simrad NSE, NSO and similar multifunction displays, or to a wider integrated navigation network.

What makes it so special:

  • Sidescan Imaging reveals important structures such as rocks, wreckage and other fish habitats down to 46m (150ft) and up to 76m (250ft) on each side of the boat for faster, wider area surveys
  • DownScan Imaging™ delivers an astonishingly highly defined image that removes all the guesswork as to what’s immediately under your hull, down to approx. 100m (300ft).
  • DownScan Overlay™ combines StructureScan® with the Simrad Broadband Sounder to separate and expose fish targets from surrounding structures.
  • Overlay transparency and colour palettes are fully adjustable.
  • Offers the exclusive TrackBack™ feature for simultaneous scroll-back of sonar and chartplotter history to set waypoints, and share them across the network.
  • 500w RMS output power

The LSS-1 StructureScan® module

Installation is simplicity itself; the module can be mounted behind a panel or in a locker, and then it’s just a matter of connecting it up to a 10-18v DC power supply and, using simple plug-and-play Ethernet cables, connect up to three Simrad multifunction displays for viewing and independent display control.  Alternatively it can be connected to the Simrad integrated navigation network for boat-wide viewing and control along with Simrad Broadband Sounder, Simrad Broadband Radar and many other market-leading navigation and safety aids.

The LSS-1 imaging transducer

Supplied with 6m (20ft) of cable, this 455/800 kHz transducer array is built to be uncompromisingly rugged, yet its fluid low-profile, low-drag design makes it ideal for mounting in a wide range of locations including the transom, transom step, jackplate and even trolling motors (with a simple, inexpensive adapter option). It also has a built-in water temperature sensor.

The Simrad StructureScan® module will transform the way every boater, fisherman, or diver; amateur or professional - locates and identifies underwater targets. StructureScan has shown to be a valuable tool for Search and Rescue, harbour, utility and other authorities who require precise information on the water.

Related Products

The Simrad StructureScan® module and transducer are compatible with the Simrad NSE, NSO and similar multifunction displays. Two new optional plastic or thru-hull transducers are available. Including a dual thru-hull transducer kit for boats with high deadrise hulls.

  • (000-00099-003) THSST-DF StructureScan® Sonar Plastic thru-hull transducer
  • (000-10364-001) BRONZE StructureScan™ Sonar thru-hull transducer. Available Dec 2010
  • (000-10202-001) LSS-1 StructureScan Y-cable
  • (000-10365-001) Dual Transducer KIT With Y Cable for StructureScan® includes 2 Bronze StructureScan® Sonar thru-hull transducers ( 000-10364-001) and a Y cable for StructureScan® (000-10202-001). Available Dec 2010
  • (000-00099-006) LSS-1 Transducer extension cable (10ft)
  • (000-00099-007) SST-DFSBLK - LSS-1 Skimmer Mount Transducer

What’s in the Box

  • LSS-1 StructureScan® module
  • Stainless steel transom-mount transducer bracket
  • 4.6m (15ft) Ethernet network cable
  • 12v DC power cable
  • Installation and operation instructions



Cable 20 feet (6m) to Transducer
Frequency [Hz] 800
Output Power [kW] Max WRMS: 0.5, WPK: 4
Other Features Max Range: 455kHz (500ft - 250 per side) 800kHz (300ft - 150 per side)
Max Speed: 30 Knots
Mark objects: 13 Knots
Optimum speed: 8 Knots or less
Max Depth: 100 ft (800kHz); 300 ft (455kHz)
Max Speed: 47 Knots Mark objects: 30 Knot


Product Weight 0.816 kg \ 1.8 lbs


Power Consumption Max: .75A, Typical: .60A, Inrush: 4.7A pk
Power Supply (Supply Voltage) 12V (Voltage input: 10V - 17V) vDC

Networking Connectors

Connectors Three Ethernet ports with a built in 10/100 Ethernet switch