The SM-050 Wave and Current Radar is a unique high performance remote sensor for measurement of directional wave spectra and surface current. It is the only sensor in the world utilizing dual footprint pulse Doppler method for wave measurements, and microwave dual frequency method for measuring surface current.

The SM-050 Wave and Current Radar is based on proven technology, originally developed in the early 1980’s. It has been thoroughly tested and kept continuously updated to meet latest requirements.

The present MkIII version encompasses a new digital Signal Processor and upgraded Cabinet, improving performance and reliability of the radar. The software is in addition totally redesigned with improved algorithms and user interface.


 Verified accuracy and high reliability

The accuracy of the sensor has been verified in a number of independent comparisons. The data quality is at the same level as high performance buoys, but with higher availability.

Both the previous MkII version and the current MkIII version have proved to be a reliable sensor. MkIII has been further developed with new electronics which will improve the reliability even further.

Ease of operation

The radar operates fully automatic. Operators will within short time be familiar with the radar user interface. All major components in the radar are easily accessible. Comparable sensors are normally deployed in the sea, making service tedious and expensive.

The radar is all solid state without magnetron or high frequency tubes. It has (except for a few fans) no rotating parts. Operating cost is consequently very low.

Upgrade Potential


Optional software will enable expansion to a full MetOcean system with interface to a number of sensors. The upgrade includes full integration with an Oracle SQL database and easy to implement LAN/WAN presentation of data to a high number of users.