BIO-SEA secure ballasting, deballasting and cleaning operation with an association of filtration and UV water treatment.

The choice between different sizes and designs of filter facilitates retrofit as well as new building installations. The modularity of the UV solution, treating 100 m3/h of brackish sea water per reactor, meets any pump’s flow rate.

Possible on board installation (treated flow rate : 400 m3/h)
Possible on board installation (treated flow rate : 400 m3/h)

Technical Characteristics

Treatment Capacity from 100 to 1000 m3/h +
Power Supply 380 – 440V; 50-60 Hz; 3-phase
Power Requirement per UV reactor 14 to 22 kW depending on water quality
Environmental Operating Conditions T°= 0°C - 55°C; H% = 90
Global Head Loss < 0,5 bar
Min Operating Pressure 1 bar
Max Operating Pressure 10 bars


Dimensions, weights, materials and other data available upon request, depending on the requiredconfiguration.

Ballasting Operation: Filtration + UV disinfection

When the pressure gauge indicates clogging of the filter, the self-cleaning cycle is automatically launched. The dedicated backwash pump ensures the discharge of the filtrate, without loss of flow rate while filling the ballast tanks.

Deballasting Operation

UV disinfection only - filtration is automatically by-passed.

Cleaning operation

At the end of operation (either ballasting or deballasting) a total purge of the system is performed, followed by flushing and filling of the filter and UV reactors with fresh water.

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