3Waves Energy Pte Ltd

3Waves has an unrivalled Asia Servicing network and around the world with MMN representatives in more than 15 countries. Our Service network covered all strategic location along the major shipping routes and close to shipbuilding centers. This means that wherever our customers are, we are there or near by.

Our highly skilled team of technicians and engineers are experts in maritime electronics, communication, navigation, automation equipment and power. We have an extensive portfolio of maritime technology solutions and this is coupled with our global worldwide network.

We make sure our technicians are kept up-to-date with our technical library with the very latest market developments, technical update and international regulations with ongoing training programme so they can refresh their knowledge and ensure that we keep offering our top quality, on-the-spot services.

We are  building up our on-demand, 24/7 maintenance services. So when customers on different time zone, can contact us WHENEVER & WHEREEVER need maintenance and equipment repairs carried out on board. They know who they can turn to when there is a problem. And we aim to fulfil our customer’s requests as quickly, efficiently and effectively as possible.

With us joining the MMN, we can arrange world-wide servicing and warranty or to provide safeguard seamless service transfer between ports within our network.

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