High speed craft certified. The Night Navigator 8540 is a robust, all-weather system for High Speed Craft (HSC) consisting of an Active-Infrared Night Vision System with a powerful Xenon Infrared Searchlight.Certified for the HSC Code 2000 by DNV, RINA, Greek Maritime Authorities, US Coast Guard, Hong Kong and China Maritime Authorities and is the first night vision system to be additionally Wheelmark approved

The Night NavigatorTM HSC is a High-Definition Night Vision system for High Speed Craft (HSC). The Night Navigator HSC includes on-screen display of lubber line, trim position, preset position, heading and more. The system performs its own self-diagnostics evaluating various components including internal temperature, humidity level and the pan and tilt parameters.


The SeaFLIR II is a long-range, gyro stabilized multi-sensor system that is equivalent to the AN/KAX-1 and -2. The SeaFLIR II multi-sensor thermal imaging system includes a mid-wave InSb thermal imager with an 18-to-one zoom ratio telescope, a color daylight/lowlight TV camera, and a laser pointer for indicating specific targets to friendly forces equipped with night vision devices.

With its digital architecture and AN/KAX-1 and -2 heritage, the SeaFLIR III provides up to four payloads: thermal imager, daylight/lowlight TV, laser rangefinder, and laser pointer, plus an IMU interface for accurate target location. The SeaFLIR III is fully qualified and proven reliable in operation in the world’s harshest air, land, and maritime environments.


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