The Unitor XFlow® full protection water mist system is designed for protection of machinery spaces of Category A. It is suitable for use in engine rooms, turbines, enclosures, paint booths, cable ducts, switchboard installations and other enclosed spaces.


Advantages include

  • Time saving – can be released immediately without evacuation as it is harmless to machinery and crew
  • Immediate release reduces the risk of damaging surrounding equipment
  • Low consumption - uses a dry pipe system with minimal water consumption and low power requirements
  • High safety levels - uses fresh water with the fire mains as back up for safe return to port, in accordance with low pressure requirements
  • 1% AFFF foam additive for 30 minutes in bilge
  • Certified according to SOLAS chapter II-2 and IMO MSC1165

The Unitor XFlow® water mist system gives you the opportunity to integrate local and full fire protection in a single system. The solution can be applied as a total flooding system, local application fire fighting system and for accommodation areas. The Unitor water mist system has a unique XFlow® water mist nozzle, which spreads fine water mist that extinguishes the fire fast, without any risk to the crew or equipment.

Solution benefits
The Unitor water mist system provides reliable fire protection based on the newest technology. It gives you a number of advantages, such as:

Compact design
The Unitor water mist system uses water from the vessel’s fresh water tank, with a backup connection for seawater. No dedicated storage space is required, increasing the overall productive space available on your vessel.

Low water consumption
The water mist nozzle has fire suppression and water distribution capabilities similar to those of high pressure systems. This means low power demand, and minimal water damage and clean-up cost

Higher safety level
The XFlow® nozzle soaks the affected area(s) with a penetrating mist that extinguishes the fire quickly. The Unitor water mist will not harm crew and machinery.
Using standard components
The Unitor water mist system uses a water mist nozzle with low working pressure and low water flow. The pipe system components such as fittings and valves are standard components, keeping installation and maintenance costs low.


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